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Experience Ragnarok Online in a New Way

About Club Wayfarer

Welcome to Club Wayfarer, a server about bringing you both a fun and unique Ragnarok Online experience. Unlike most other servers, each custom detail is made to promote an amazing social environment and put a focus on adventuring parties, all while keeping that intense player-versus-player and end-game competition. So please, join us on our adventure!

Website still under construction.

Server Information

Basic Stats

Location: US Central
Type: Pre-Renewal
Rates: 5 / 5 / 10 (Start Reborn)
Max Level: 99 base / 140 job
Instant Cast: 150 dexterity
Party Range: 50 levels
Party Bonus: 50% per member


Fly Wings & Level 1 Teleport Disabled
Monster Density Tripled
Subclass System
Various Skill Balances
Custom Distortion Dungeon
Custom War of Emperium
Random Options

No Pay to Win

There will never be any exchange of items or services for money or donations. You can trust that you’ll have a fair and competitive time.

Subclass System

The subclass system allows a character to gain a secondary set of skills from another class, up to it’s non-transcended 2nd job. Combine classes such as the Paladin and PRiest to make a formidable tank, or Champion and Sage to create an elemental martial artist. Unlock your ultimate potential by collecting Hero’s Essence in the deadly Distortion Dungeons.

In addition to the unique blend of skills you will unlock, your character will adopt a unique look depending on their class combinations, dressing you to match your new archetype.

Ragnarok Online, Club Wayferer